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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Value does not fall within the expected range, when starting application

Roni was phased by this one for a while, and I didn’t have a clue either, but starting an application which had worked just fine and to which he simply added another orchestration failed with the error -

Could not enlist orchestration <type details here>.
Could not enlist orchestration <type details here>. Value does not fall within the expected range

Turns out there’s a bug in BizTalk 2006 that prevents orchestrations from enlisting if not all orchestrations in an application are configured to run on the same host.

Very unlikely to be the case, which – I guess – is why we haven’t seen this so far; in fact, even now this is only the case because we don’t really care about the configured host, this value will never be used - When you ‘call’ an orchestration, as opposed to ‘start’-ing an orchestration, the host of the calling orchestration is used, regardless of what’s configured in the admin console.

For that reason Roni had left the default host in place, instead of changing it to the one hosting the other orchestrations in the application, which had surfaced this bug.

In any case – a kb, and a hotfix, does exist, and you can find it here



  • Hi yossi

    We have come across this a few times too and I think in our msbuild task for starting an application we start orchestrations one by one rather than the normal btstask action

    We have this scenario when orchestrations are on different hosts for performance reasons and i believe I was told the reason this doesn't work is something to do with the way the distributed transaction around starting the application works

    If you start the orchestrations individually then it works fine


    By Blogger Unknown, at 29/09/2010, 22:59  

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