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Monday, April 26, 2010

Small gotcha when reading the Message Flow of a process

I’ve been diagnosing an issue in a process today, and got bitten by a small gotcha in the message flow view of a process in HAT (in this case – BizTalk 2006) -

When you’re looking at the message flow of a process you see a list of boxes, each representing a flow of a message from or to the process to either another process or a messaging port-


If you follow a link to a send port, you are presented with the message flow in the send port, generally listing which message was sent, using which adapter and what URI -


The important thing to note is that the port listed in the process flow is the name of the logical port in the orchestration, whilst the port listed in the send port’s view is the physical send port name.

Quite obvious when I think about it, but as the name ‘port’ is used to represent such different things, but the HAT UI looking so similar in both cases, this can get confusing.

I’ve spend 5 minutes chasing the wrong port as, unfortunately for me, we’ve had an old send port matching the name of the logical orchestration port, but it was not the one actually bound to it….



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