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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I guess I could consider this a compliment, but I’m not happy!

A few months ago I found out that a chap called Jason Hyland, who is another BizTalk consultant here in the UK, has nicked the contents of my web site to his own. word for word.

Despite the hidden compliment (I guess it means I write reasonably well) I was not very happy and so I thought I’d drop Jason a polite note.

I never received a response for my email, but several days later his web site was down, so I assumed he accepted this wasn’t nice and is working on his own wording. I guess I was wrong as today I was reminded of that and decided to check what he has done, and what do you know - http://www.needlecast.co.uk/services still uses, word for word, the wording from my web site.

How bad is that?!


Jason – at the off chance that you’re reading this – here’s some free publicity on my blog (currently averaging around 160 unique visitors per day) – write your own stuff, I’ve done it, so it can’t be that difficult, and it will be the decent thing to do.




  • I wouldn't consider it a compliment either... I wonder what he thinks he will gain from it... He can't think he gets good publicity, can he?

    By Anonymous Jan Eliasen, at 04/02/2010, 14:10  

  • Looks like he has taken down the content and put an apology too ...

    By Blogger Unknown, at 05/02/2010, 10:56  

  • That's lame. Most people would have the decency to respect copyrights. Another similar thing that I can't stand is when people set up bots to try and link to your page to try and show themselves as being a "go-to" source or something.

    By Anonymous Victor Fehlberg, at 05/02/2010, 17:09  

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