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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Developing Streaming Pipeline Components

A couple of months ago I published this post suggesting that pipeline component developers should look to design those in a streaming fashion which avoids loading the message into memory.

Quite a few people contacted me asking for an example so eventually I sat down to create one.

Creating the sample warranted writing down an explanation for it, which turned out rather long and (hopefully) elaborate, so i turned that into an article and, I’m proud to say, has now been published on MSDN.

In the article I wanted I wanted to demonstrate a realistic case, which doesn’t necessarily take the “easy path” and yet is clear enough to demonstrate the principles without overwhelming the reader; primarily I felt it was important to show a sample that modifies the stream (and not just using information from it) as these tend to be more complex.

Hopefully I have managed to provide a good demonstration of the principle. Let me know…


  • Awesome article Yossi, I often run into developers that don't understand how important it is to ensure pipeline components need to be streamed as much as possible, it's great to have this article to point them to.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 07/02/2010, 18:36  

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