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Saturday, February 20, 2010

BizTalk Admin Console

Anything you missing there? anything you don’t like?

I’m trying to compile a list of suggestions for it, put a comment or drop me a line….

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  • I would like the ability to segregate administrators and operators by application. This isn't only a BizTalk Admin Console related change, but I thought I'd suggest it anyway (it surely has impact on the Admin Console). Doing so would allow different groups at my company to support their own applications without running the risk of affecting other folks' application.

    --Victor Fehlberg

    By Anonymous Victor Fehlberg, at 22/02/2010, 07:33  

  • It's similar to Victors request. It would be nice if tracked instances could be grouped by application. That way it is easier to run a check in error cases.

    Another nice feature would be a message view that enables us to view all messages in message flow without to store them to disk (compare with http://btsviewerhatplugin.codeplex.com/)

    By Anonymous Markus, at 22/02/2010, 09:27  

  • One other nice feature would be to integrate the enterprise SSO administration (create apps. manage key-value pair, etc.)

    By Blogger %CyberDef, at 22/02/2010, 13:56  

  • Thanks guys, these are all very useful. keep 'em coming!

    By Blogger Yossi Dahan, at 22/02/2010, 14:30  

  • I would like the ability to have a group called "read-only" administrators.
    Why? Most BizTalk administrators lack knowledge about deployed applications and how these should behave. Therefore is is handy that other persons who were involved in the development could consult production settings...

    Can we have a report grouping us per receive port/send port the processed messages

    What about an overview of who deployed what when? List of assemblies, files, versions, ...

    By Anonymous Koen, at 23/02/2010, 08:49  

  • just a simple request - auto refresh for the a query

    By Blogger Omer b., at 26/02/2010, 09:52  

  • Are you providing some input to the product group?

    My main two items
    (1) dependency views: orchestration call chains, all ports bound to an orchestration (these would be drill downs from the current views)

    (2) extensibility: ability to add custom actions + views to the nodes/items/. For example, I would like to be able to link OrchProfiler directly into the console (and also Documenter).

    If this is possible it would be really cool and open up the console to all sorts of additional tooling, otherwise it may need a community project for the same.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 27/02/2010, 08:45  

  • A simple one: speed.
    I bet we're all tired of the 2009-console to say "there's no items here", just to 10-15s later say "oh, wait, here's some items I found for you".

    Improvement of browsing instead of typing and such gems are another minor, but important addition I'd like to see.

    By Blogger Marcus Rangell, at 26/03/2010, 11:24  

  • Hi Yossi, sorry to spam your blog :-)

    Take a look at http://www.biztalk360.com most of the stuff requested by users here like read-only access, application level authorization, full audit trace etc are already part of BizTalk 360

    By Anonymous Saravana Kumar, at 03/05/2011, 22:18  

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