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Thursday, January 21, 2010

What not to do – hard coded values

This always seemed like an obvious one to me, but as I do see it out there occasionally, I guess it should be mentioned in my little ‘series’ – think carefully whenever you are hard coding any data into your code, as it is almost guaranteed to change one day, however remote you think that chance is.

This post could probably end here, but that would be almost rude, so I’ll give an example -

A custom disassembler is being developed to identify a message type before parsing it.

The messages are expected to be received over POP3, and the decision which message it is is done by identifying the sender of the email (rather than by looking in the actual message), which is fair enough.

So – the component has code to read the context property storing the sender’s email address and then a switch statement on the property’s value determines the message type required.

Of course this works very well. until a third party decides to change the email address, or another one is added. now you have to update the code, re-deploy and re-test. why? because you did not want to spend another day moving this to configuration?

Even a simple AppSetting would be better than hard coded, but of course usually you’d be looking at least at defining a custom configuration section if not using a database or other store (SSO?)

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