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Monday, January 04, 2010

..and it looks like it’s not

Back in December I’ve posted ‘This should not be a routing failure’ about an experience we’ve had on our BizTalk 2006 environment that I found very weird.

Tim Wieman, a senior program manager on the BizTalk Customer Advisory Team, was kind enough to drop me an email letting me know that this behaviour was indeed identified as incorrect, and was actually fixed.

A hotifx was created for BizTalk 2006 which later versions already incorporate, so if you’re using 2006, and you’re having this issue - get that hotfix, if you’re using a later version – you probably don’t need to worry about it.

I have managed to test the hotfix on BizTalk 2006 and it does allow my scenario to run without a problem (don’t forget the registry change for each host, as described in the link to the hotfix); I haven’t been able to try this on later versions yet, but there’s no reason to think that would not work.

Thanks Tim!



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