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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What not to do - premier

Again I find my self having to apologise for not writing for a while (it’s been one month since my last post, two since my last ‘real’ post), the usual suspects are to blame – too much work, too much bureaucracy, kids, new xbox games….

Work wise I’ve taken on a few more small engagement recently, one of which was to enhance/fix/maintain a small-ish solution someone else built.

I could not resist the temptation to take some notes of all the stuff I would have done differently, and am in the process of compiling them as a proper report for the client.

As I was not posting for a while, partly due to this work, I thought its only fitting that I publish some of these ‘recommendations’ here.

For obvious reasons, I will not name names and will try to generalise any samples/explanations provided; I can’t resist mentioning, though, that this other person, I learnt as I looked up his/her name on the web, had also nicked the entire text off my web site and used it on his/her own, which I found rather annoying (I believe the pages have since been removed, after a polite nudge…)

Anyway….keep in mind that many of my notes may come down to style, or MY best practice; they don’t necessarily mean that the other approach is completely wrong -  I don’t presume I know better than anyone else (oh well….) but that there’s value in another point of view – in this case- mine.

So – a few posts coming, likely to be very short and to the point, hopefully someone will findthem useful.


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