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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Creating messages from scratch - revisited briefly

A while back I’ve posted about the different ways to create messages in an orchestration, and later some performance comparison between them.

Mostly for fun I run a quick test on my newly installed laptop; I did not put nearly as much effort as I have previously, so don’t make out of these numbers too much, but I was amazed to see that all the results were running pretty much 10 times faster.

Now – it’s a new BizTalk (2009), new SQL server (2008), new operating system (Windows 7) and a new(-ish) laptop (Thinkpad T61), so there’s no way to know how much each component contributed to the improvement, but it is amazing how much difference can exist after just one year!

Well – not at all scientific, but I found it interesting anyway!

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