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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oslo based solution for deploying BizTalk applications – published

Unfortunately life is a bit hectic for us at the moment, and it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, or was able to do anything other than family or work.

As part of this general “neglect” I was unable to spend the time required to complete, and publish, my Oslo based solution for deployment BizTalk applications (given the somewhat ugly, but suitably short, name – BTSDF), but as many waited (ok – more than 5), and some kept asking (2), I thought I’d do my best to get something out of the door, so I have.


in Codeplex  you can now find an initial version published, which includes – the language definition, the core runtime I have as well as two “executors” in various stages of [non] completeness – my MsBuild generator is already quite useful for simple apps, it generates a set of MSbuild files you can use to deploy the application on any machine as well as the required SDC tasks dlls and targets file; the API executor deploys the app on the current machine, and is quite basic, but a good sample (I think) and a reasonable starting point.

I’m happy to entertain requests for changes/additions, and even more happy to add any one who’s willing and able to put the time as a contributor; Oslo knowledge is optional! :-)


You can download the source, build and run it locally – but you will have to remember to copy the two executors dlls from their folders to the main bin\debug folder as there is no compiled reference to them.


I’ve also uploaded an “Alpha release” which includes the compiled assemblies and the supporting files required.

There’s still more work to do, but it’s getting shape now, and I’m using the MSbuild executor today; it certainly needs a bit more documentation, which I hope to get around to…


I hope this works for you, let me know what you think (the good and the bad), and – if you have some time and will – drop me a line and I’ll add you to the team!



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