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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Where did it go?

You've created your map, selected your schemas and (if you're anything like me) set the custom xsl path to the file containing the xsl script you've worked hard to create.

You then go to the orchestration and add a transform shape, but when you select the messages the designer notices you have selected different types to those in the map and kindly offers to change the types in the map for you; you think - how generous and kind...

However, it goes one step further, and without much notice, it is re-setting the custom xsl path (to nothing, that is), which would result in an empty output from the map when you run the process and one very frustrated BizTalk developer.

To be fair it does suggest that "some links may be lost" before doing all of that and ask for confirmation, and of course you can see their ("they" being Microsoft) side of the story - they assume that if you change types in the map the links/xsl may no longer be relevant...but I would argue that if I chose to use the same map, then they probably are, otherwise I'd start a new one....

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