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Monday, December 31, 2007

Wish list: searching for expression in subscriptions

And while I'm on the subject of subscriptions (see my last post) -

In the BizTalk Administration Console you can run a query to view subscriptions (which is a huge step forward from the old subscription viewer for BizTalk 2004, I have to admit)

You can, however, only filter based on the subscription type (activation or correlation), the service name or the service ID.

What that means is that while you can find all the subscriptions that start a particual orchestration, you can't find all the orchestrations that would be started by a message arriving through a particual receive port, which would have been quite useful, don't you think?

What's even worse though, is that even if you were happy to do a lot of manual work, there doesn't seem to be any practical way of finding out this information using the admin console, although it is all there in the database -

When you bind an orchestration recieve shape to a receive port, the subscription is is created for you using the receive port's id rather than the port's name, so it would look something like -

http://schemas.microsoft.com/BizTalk/2003/system-properties.ReceivePortID == {E1E7FE08-D421-4D5A-8CD8-CA51E25FA508}

This is not very readable, but, unfortunately there is a much greater problem with it -

There doesn't seem to be a way to know a receive port's id through the admin console; so even if you did have the patience required to go through all your receive ports, matching their GUIDs to the one in the subscription hoping to figure out this way which ones will get your orchestration activated, you would find it impossible to find out which receive port actually has the id -'{E1E7FE08-D421-4D5A-8CD8-CA51E25FA508}'

The only way to find this out is to go to the management database and lookit up yourself in the bts_receiveport table, baring in mind, of course, that this id will change on the next deploy.

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