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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I've never browsed to http://www.topxml.com/ directly and so, although I must have been directed to it hundreds of times through searches in Google and the like, I never actually paid any attention to it.

Recently though, Mike Stephenson, a great person and a very smart cookie, has pointed them out to me, and not in a very flattering way -

Mike has found an article he published on his blog appearing in TopXML without any reference to his name; judge for your self - here's the TopXML link and here is the link to Mike's original post

To makes matters worse, when Mike - who's a nice bloke as I've already mentioned - pointed this out to TopXML politely he received he following (rather stupid) response -

The blogger (you) is clearly listed at the top of the page
"Blogger : Geekswithblogs.net"

and at the end of the post we provide another link to you:
"Read comments or post a reply to : What is returned from my 2 way
port when a fault is used?"

I am providing TWO clear links back to you and giving credit to you.
We're increasing your fame! :)

Hmm...makes sense of course...(or it would have been if Mike's name was indeed 'geekswithblogs' but I don't believe it is)

That kind of started me thinking - from a blogger point of view - one could argue that, assuming your name does indeed appear next to your content when it's being aggregated or replicated in other web sites, there's little harm; if anything - you might be getting more exposure (assuming TopXml has higher rank is earch engines than one's blog)

On the other hand, seeing my content in sites like TopXML takes it out of it's context. it does not appear next to other (possibly related) posts of mine, next to links to other content on my site/blog, next to my about box (and the MVP logo), next to my favourite links and references to other bloggers, or whatever else I chose to put on there.

Further more - if I was trying to make money out of advertisements on my site, it denies my of that benefit as well, so to put simply - copying other people's content - without permission - in a systematic way (I'm not about the odd blog post which refers to someone else's post) with or without referencing the source is very wrong in my view.


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