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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wishlist - highlight remarks on shapes

It fraustrates me that there isn't (in my view) a good way to annotate orchestrations.

The main two ways you can add remarks to your orchestration is by either writing text in a shapes description field - but this is not inidcated in the designer in anyway so it is very unlikely anyone would notice your fantastic comment which renders it useless or by using remarks in expression shapes, only that you have to have at least one real line of code there which means you cannot have remarks in places you don't actually need an expression shape without having a silly meaningless line of code to satisfy the compiler.

If being able to add floating remarks of some sort, or even having a simple remark shape is too much to ask - can shapes with description at least be highlighted in some way? a little star? a different frame? anything? wouldn't that be nice?

what do you think?



  • Put groups round the thing you're commenting and write the comment as the label of the group - works fine if you can keep your comment terse!

    By Blogger Ben Cops, at 18/05/2007, 13:38  

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