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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Great tool for performance monitoring analysis

Ewan Fairweather recently introduced me to Clint Huffman’s PAL tool.

While I've only started looking at using it on our servers, from my few "playing around" sessions with the tool its usefulness is obvious.

Should be be used carefully and responsibly of course, especially when it comes to determining threasholds and generating conclusions, but as Ewan put it - "it certainly takes the pain out of perfmon analysis".

Highly recommended.

and while I'm at it - check Clint's web cast - BizTalk Performance Methodology.


  • Take a look at SmartMon (www.perfmonanalysis.com). It makes interactive analysis of Perfmon data quick and easy.

    By Anonymous Scott Myers, at 24/03/2010, 02:53  

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