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Thursday, March 22, 2007

a few observations around threads and finalization in BizTalk

I’ve been exploring a little bit with threads, appDomains and host shutdown in process yesterday.

Out of that came out a few observations to think about (some make perfect sense I guess, but I just didn't think about them until we tried, others less). Sorry for the lack of structure in this post.

BizTalk seems to re-use threads to run orchestrations (so orchestration A runs on thread 1 and finishes. another orchestration will run on thread 1 again) - this is probably due to the fact that the thread had finished and another NEW thread was started with the same id - I don't know if I can prove this reliably though.

When I dropped 100 files in our receive location only 3-4 threads were started to process them; not 100.

If I started a thread from an orchestration (through a helper class, of course) - that thread will continue to run even after the orchestration finishes.

If we stop the host while a thread is running, even if we implement a destructor (or finalize) - we only get a limited time to do so. after 40-50 seconds the thread will die , whether the destructor completed or not.

If you had multiple instances of a class in the host that implement finalize, the finalizers will be called sequentially (so that finalizer for instance B of the class will only be called after finalizer of instance A had finished), according to the previous point, after 40-50 seconds the host will stop, regardless of how many finalizers were actually called. So an instance may be terminated without the finalizer being called.


  • AFAIK, BizTalk uses the .NET ThreadPool to execute orchestrations (as well as the inproc messaging engine to run pipelines and adapters). So it's quite expected for it to reuse threads.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 22/03/2007, 11:14  

  • Thanks for that Tomas, I believe you are right. still think it was worth mentioning as part of the (short) story.

    By Blogger Yossi Dahan, at 22/03/2007, 11:20  

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