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Thursday, March 29, 2007


We've had this error today:

GetTempFileName Failed.

Exception type: StreamingException
Source: Microsoft.BizTalk.Streaming
Target Site: System.IO.Stream CreatePersistentStream()

Stephen W. Thomas blogged on this here

Our case was similiar, but not identical - it had nothing to do with correlation.
We had a loop on take parts of a message using xpath and creating a new message out of every part.

Then, we had a decision shape and in each branch we would start some orchestration passing in that message, together with a port through which we would expect a response - a classic scatter gather pattern.

However, in the else branch of the decide, we do not call any orchestration; the problem was that we also did not advance the loop counter, so the process went around the loop endlessly, creatting a new message each time in the process.

After almost two days BizTalk has had enough and we started getting these errors.

Once we've spotted the endless loop we've created by mistake and sorted it out, we stopped getting the errors obviously.


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