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Thursday, December 07, 2006

More on web services and generics

We've been bitten by this for the third time now (partly due to the size of the team and the fact that not all team members are directly involved in BizTalk development) -

Every now and then someone will add a web method that takes in or returns a Gerenrics list (List of). while this works great (and is indeed very convinient) in the .net world, BizTalk has not yet catched up with generics.

Trying to add or update a web reference that has such a method will return an error similiar to this -

Could not generate BizTalk files. Parameter of the method does not have a namespace. A namespace is required for generating scehma for this type.

The only solution at the moment, I believe, is to wrap the list in an object so that you have a class that contains a list of, and you use this class as your paremeter and/or return type


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