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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Message does not show up in transform shape

I've added today a simple orchestration to my project.

The orchestration should take in a multipart message, create another message out of that (by using one of the parts as the source message) and return the resulting message to the calling process.

I've created my map and added a transform shape to my process, but when I moved on to select the message parts to use I could not see my input message listed.

Quick investigation revealed the reaons - the multi-part message had one of its parts as a .net class - Int32. changing this to a schema made the message show up in the transform shape dialog.

This does not make sense, clearly it should be possible to map a schema part of a multi-part message to another message regardless of the types of the other parts.

In fact - if you ask me - it would have been great (and not all that difficult I should think), to see support for using a class, or even a simple type as a map source, but that's another matter.

Until, hopeefully, MS issues a fix, there are two workarounds - the unsupported one (I suspect) is to hack the odx file in a text editor to take the part you need, I have had to do it before (because of another issue we've had with the transform shape's dialog) as well as for this and it works just fine.

The other way is to use an interim message with only the schema part - assign to it before the transform and then use that one in the transform, but that has obvious performance impact.



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