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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

passing 'in' parameters between orchestrations

It seems that there is no real distinction between an 'in' parameter and 'ref' paremeter of an orchestration when it comes to objects.

When you pass in an object from 'orchestration A' to 'orchestration B' as a parameter and 'orchestration B' changes a property of that object, when it finished the object in 'orchestration A' is left with the modified property.

Had this been .net it would have been perfectly expected, what confused me is that when you define your parameters for an orchestration you are asked to choose between 'out', 'ref' and 'in' parameter type, having 'out' and 'ref' in that list suggested, in my mind, that 'in' represents a 'by value' parameter which means changes to the object in the called orchestration will have no effect on the calling orchestration's copy of that object, but as I've said - this does not seem to be the case



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