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Monday, October 16, 2006

"Call orchestration" in an unreachable code error

Here's another wierd case with the orchestration designer/compiler, and even a very simple one to re-create.

In a process I have a decision shape.
In it's condition I've put a constant "false" to make sure the code never gets executed (my way of commenting out things temporarily) and under that branch I have a "call orchestration" shape.

When I try to build the assembly with this process I get an “unexpected system exception” error with no details about where it happened (filename, line) or why.

Removing the “call orchestration" shape allows the assembly to build fine.
Same does keeping the "call orchestration" shape but changing the condition to any other false condition (for instance a==57 when I know a is 1)

While this is not really a problem as there's a clear and simple way around this it simply can't be right.


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