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Monday, September 18, 2006

Messages do not appear in the transform shape wizard

This post highlights a situation I've already discussed in a previous post from July from a different angle. You can read the previous post here.

We have our solution, which is quite big and complex by now.
In that we have a few schmas, maps and processes projects with references between them as needed.

Today I've added a new assembly with a couple of processes, I then proceeded to add a transform shape in one of them.

I've added a references to the maps project and to the common types project where the message types needed for the process were defined.

I've created the messages I needed selecting the types from the referenced assembly.

I then dropped a transform shape and selected the referenced map, as expected I see the in the wizard the types of messages I need to select for for the input and output messages.

However, when I try to select the actual messages to use the combo box is empty!!

Iv'e checked and re-checked that the messages are of the correct type (which uses the same schema as defined in the map) and could not find any problem with the settings.

The problem was, of course, that I did not add a reference to the schemas projects.

So while I had the types declared all right, the process did not hold the schema to support them.

With the maps refering to a schema, and the message to a message type for which no schema exist in the process (as there was no reference set) the designed could not match the two.

Adding the missing reference solved the problem, I could now select my messages.


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