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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Following a correlation set in an orchestration

I always thought the "Follow correlation set" property on a send shape does not make much sense, after all it is only a receive shape that is really expected to follow a correlation set initialized earlier in the process.

Today I found what it’s useful for.

I knew setting a context property's value in an orchestration keeps it in a "Not Promoted" state. I also got used to initializing a correlation set when sending messages to the message box when I needed to promote certain properties, which is a bit awkward I guess, but is common knowledge.

However - this time I needed to post messages to the message box through a directly bound send port while promoting a couple of properties to allow the messages to be routed correctly from the message box.

With the send shape being in a loop I could not initialize the correlation set there as you're not allowed to initialize a correlation set more then once.

The answer was very simple, but not obvious (I hope, otherwise it’s just a case of me being thick), you can use the "follow correlation set" on a send shape, which, like the initialize correlation set, will make sure the properties defined in the correlation type gets promoted.

Unlike the "initialize correlation set" this can be done as many times as needed.

I guess this is nothing new or surprising to many, but it was for me, which makes it worth posting.


  • Hi,
    Can you provide me the sample application that you created of following a correlation set at the send port within a loop.I have a similar situation to build but am facing certain problems.

    By Blogger Anjali, at 17/04/2009, 06:03  

  • Sorry, I don't have any sample application to share, and as you don't specify which issues you're having I'm not sure how I can help further.

    What I would suggest is that you post any questions you may have in the BizTalk forum, it's a great place to get help.

    you can also look at some of the scatter-gather samples out there, as they are likely to use this approach.

    By Blogger Yossi Dahan, at 17/04/2009, 08:41  

  • Hi Yossi,

    When I try this, I'm getting error: uninitialized correlation

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02/12/2014, 20:38  

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