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Friday, August 11, 2006

Wish list: Late bound dynamic ports

Thankfully BizTalk has the concept of late bound ports, which means you don't have to compile configuraiton.

Strangely this concept has not been fully applied as dynamic ports can't be late bound.

If you want to use a port dynamically you have to set it to dynamic in the orchestration port configuration, if you try and set it to late bound it generates a compile time error.

This means that whenever you deploy your solution a dyamic send port is generated for you (yes - with a horribly long name), but what's worse - it is automatically configured to use the default xml receive/transmit pipeline.

so if you need a custom pipeline, or even a passthrough, you have to go back and change that after every deployment.

of course, in most cases, you will use a binding file for your other configuration, and that binding file can override these settings, but it seems a bit odd to me.

ideally there would either be another setting in the orchestration's send port configuration of "Late-bound Dynamic" or alternatively the compiler will let you set the dynamic address on a late bound port and it will be the admin's responsibility to bind that port to a dynamic port in the admin console.


  • Boy, do I agree with this. I find it highly irritaiting that BizTalk will always create these ports when I deploy. It's also somewhat ammusing, as you can create dynamic ports in teh Administrator anyway. I do hope the fix this in v.next

    By Blogger Matt Nield, at 14/12/2007, 11:09  

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