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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Off topic - Whitesands Lodge, Cornwall, England

If you ever decide to go to Cornwall England - whatever you do - DO NOT STAY AT THE WHITESANDS LODGE in Sennen !!!

On top of being quite expensive with very little value for money the owners have been extremely rude to us (as well as other guests) although we were paying premium rates for one of their best rooms in what is probably the highest point of the season - the August bank holiday.

The place used to be great we hear, but the new owners have totally destroyed it.
The peak of it all was when, on our second night, we were actually verbally and physically (!!!) abused simply for pointing out the music in the restaurant is very load and is clearly heard in the rooms upstairs.

One of the owners actually followed my up the stairs and used a such a foul language I dare not repeat it here (let's just say it had lot's of f's in it) and as if that was not enough he then physically assaulted me, and I believe it was just the fact that I did not try to resist or reply that made him go away eventually.

Our holiday was nearly destroyed by this unbalanced couple, they should really learn that a fundamental rule in hospitality and a minimum requirement for returning customers is to not abuse them verbally or physically. Kind of basic really.


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