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Friday, August 04, 2006

…and a transform shape gotcha!

Somehow we seem to get into all the dark corners of BizTalk in the last couple of weeks, this one was recently identified by Oleg Gershikov -

We have two schemas with the same target namespace but different root elements (Schema1.xsd and Schema2.xsd).

We need to map them using map with multiple input message to message with the third schema

If we wish to create a new map there's no problem.
we have two messages defined using the schemas from the referenced assembly, we can set them both as inputs for the new map and it all appears as expected -

The problem occurs when we want to configure the transform shape with an existing map, whether because we need to re-use it somewhere else or because we want to change it (for instance - if we want to replace the output message).

When the transform shape is configure to use existing map (rather then create a new one) it will show both input message types as the first one, ignoring the fact that the second one is of another type -

The only way aroung this is to create a brand new map each time!

I've uploaded a solution that demonstartes this problem here.


  • Hi,

    I'm having this problem, when I want to use an existing map, I've new created, for some reason the destination, which is a new XSD doesn't show up in the destination list. However I use it as a destination schema for the new map. The source schema isn't a problem because it's an old schema.

    any idea's?

    Best regards,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28/11/2007, 11:06  

  • Hi Lieven

    I'm not sure I understand what you're saying correctly and so it's not clear if you're actually experiencing the same problem or just the same symptoms.

    Are you simply saying you cannot select the schem you've created in the transform shape?

    Is it in a different assembly? if so - make sure you build that assembly and that you have a reference to that assembly from the assembly with the orchestration.

    If you already had such a reference, make sure you refresh the project.

    Also, obviously, you should check carefully the type defined in your map and in the message of the orchestration.

    Good luck!

    By Blogger Yossi Dahan, at 28/11/2007, 12:12  

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