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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

cannot resolve imported 'messagetype'

As we all know it is best practice not to include both schemas and orchestrations in the same process.

So we didn’t. We have an orchestration in assembly A which then defines a message type that uses a schema from assembly B.

We then wanted to call that orchestration from an orchestration in yet another assembly (Assembly C), passing in a message of the type we’ve defined.

In order to avoid duplication of message type definition we’ve marked the message type in Assembly A as public and added a reference from Assembly C to Assembly A so we could use it to define our message in the calling orchestration.

When we compiled the process we got the following error: “cannot resolve imported 'messagetype'

The error occurred because while we had a reference from Assembly C to assembly A to resolve the message type definition, we did not have a reference to assembly B which includes the actual schema used by this type.

I wish the error was clearer as it took as a short while to figure out the cause of the problem, but once you do figure out what's the cause it all makes sense.


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