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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dynamically controlling the SOAP adapter's authentication properties

I’ve been trying yesterday to call a web service that requires basic authentication.
Normally I’d set the web service’s username and password in the send port transport configuration, but in this particular case I wanted to specify them in the process.

Being optimistic I’ve used the following in my assign shape as part of the web service construction –

Request(SOAP.AuthenticationScheme) = "Basic";
Request(SOAP.Username) = "<username>";
Request(SOAP.Password) = "<password>";

With most adapters setting configuration through the message context works wonderfully.

This did not seem to be the case with the SOAP adapter.
It would ellegantly ignore the details in the message context and use the settings in the port configuration.

If anyone have managed to use these please let me know, for now I have to assume that the adapter does not use the context properties to override its settings as other adapters do.


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