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Thursday, February 02, 2006

How to enable the free form designer for state machine workflow...

...or a very embarrasing RTFM case...

I've been following the windows workflow foundation walkthrough very closely, but as soon as I've started with the state machine section I got a bit stuck.

In the article a wonderful picture of how the workflow should like appears, something similiar to this -

However, my workflow designer showed something a bit more, let say, minimal -

Google faild me so I've decided to classify this as a beta thingy and moved on. only the next day it occured to me to check the release notes. and there it was, black over white -

In order to enable the free form state machine designer, you must add a DWORD value in the registry to HKEYLocalMachine\Software\Microsoft\Windows Workflow Foundation. The name of the DWORD value is "EnableFreeForm", and its value should be 1.

Adding the registry entry and re-opening VS.net showed my workflow in all it's glory.

As I've said - a classic RTFM, I hope this will help someone else, who, like me, only reads the manual when everything else fails.


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