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Friday, July 29, 2005

Multiple send handlers in BizTalk 2006

I'm sure now that the beta version of BizTalk 2006 is out we will start seeing more and more postings about new cool features.

I'll contribute my two cents by highlighting an addition I believe is quite significant - the ability to configure multiple send handlers for an adapter.

In BizTalk 2004, while it was possible to configure several receive handlers for an adapter, it was only possible to select a single send handler (remember that combo box in the send handler properties?). Adding more then one handler was simply not possible.

This meant that, while you could configure different receive locations to run under different hosts, each having its own credentials (for instance - permission to a specific folder when using the file adapter) , you could only specify a single host for all your send ports

This meant that all the send ports using the same adapter ran under the same host - with the same credentials and therefore the same permissions which obviously resulted in reduced security.

(This is why you we're not required to select handler on send ports, only on receive ports. The handler on the send port was determined by the adapter you selected)

BizTalk 2006 allows you to configure multiple send handlers to an adapter as well as receive handlers, and then in each port select which one should be used.
A file send port of a specific application no longer has to have the permissions for a folder used by another send port, in a totally different application.

(Adding additional send handlers for the file adapter, you can notice there are two already)

(Selecting the send handler to use in a send port)


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